For the first time in nine years, more flight options are coming to Kaohsiung International Airport. On Friday, EVA Air inaugurated a new direct flight route to Hong Kong, in hopes of attracting more visitors to Taiwan. And just in time for the summer break, T’way and VietJet Air will be launching flights to South Korea and Vietnam from the southern port city.

For the first time in nine years, EVA Air has launched a new flight route from Kaohsiung. Its destination: Hong Kong. On Friday, the maiden flight took off packed with passengers, some of whom were simply there for the experience.

Mr. Lin
I’m actually going to Taipei. I’ll be transferring flights in Hong Kong. I just wanted to go on the first flight, it’s an interesting experience.

Mr. Tsai
After all, if more airlines have flights, ticket prices could become cheaper. So the more airlines, the better.

With the pandemic a thing of the past, several airlines have launched flights to new destinations from Kaohsiung. From June 21, T’way Air will be operating direct flights to Seoul. And Starting June 14, VietJet Air will start flying to Phu Quoc.

Sun Chia-ming
We hope to attract more tourists from Hong Kong with this arrangement, which includes the flight routes to and from Taoyuan International Airport. They can enter Taiwan via Kaohsiung and leave from Taoyuan, or arrive from Taoyuan and return from Kaohsiung. This could all help boost Taiwan tourism.

Fu Yao-nan
Kaohsiung International Airport
The number of flights is back to 70% of pre-pandemic levels. We have also been receiving a lot of messages with proposals to increase flight numbers and flight routes. So we should all take advantage of these opportunities.

Kaohsiung International Airport expects traveler numbers to grow with the new destinations on offer. Officials say they are optimistic about the resumption of all flight routes that were canceled during the pandemic, adding that they will make efforts toward that while maintaining flight safety.

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