Premier Su Tseng-chang has received his second shot of AstraZeneca, almost nine months after his first shot in March. After receiving the jab, he urged the public to get vaccinated, to bolster Taiwan’s defense against COVID-19.

Almost nine months after his first shot of AstraZeneca, Premier Su Tseng-chang is ready to receive his second jab. He asks the doctor if the long interval is detrimental to the vaccine’s protective effect. He is told that even a 40-week interval is acceptable.

Earlier this year, Su had been accused of faking his first shot. This time around, he made sure the injection was well documented.

As further proof of his vaccination status, Su showed off his vaccination card, now stamped with two shots of AstraZeneca. He also took the opportunity to urge more people to get inoculated.

Su Tseng-chang


Now we have a lot of vaccines, of all brands. The COVID situation has stabilized, and so people’s interest in getting vaccinated is in the decline. I made a point of coming for my second shot, as a way to encourage more people to get vaccinated and boost coverage as fast as possible.

Su urged the public to get protected against COVID. Health minister Chen Shih-chung was at the vaccination site to oversee the injection. He was asked about a new vaccination-or-testing requirement for workers at 24 types of venues. Previously the minister said that no one would be forced to get a vaccine.

Chen Shih-chung

Health minister

It cannot be said that we are forcing vaccination. This is a request. And people who are not vaccinated can get tested, to ensure that the space is safe.

Chen stressed that people would not be forced to get vaccinated. He said unvaccinated workers can choose to get tested routinely to ensure the safety of their workplace.