China''s Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday once again voiced criticism of President Tsai Ing-wen''s National Day address. Spokesperson Ma Xiaoguang rejected Tsai''s assertion that the R.O.C. and the People''s Republic of China should not be subordinate to each other. He further said that the two sides of the strait belonged to the same China, and that cross-strait relations were not state-to-state relations. On Wednesday Tsai said that the views she expressed were the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan, and that no amount of pressure would be able to change that.

President Tsai Ing-wen''s "four commitments" became a topic of discussion at the DPP standing committee on Wednesday. Her statement that the R.O.C. and the People''s Republic of China should not be subordinate to each other has ruffled feathers in Beijing and in the KMT. Both say the statement implies that each side of the strait is its own state.

Ma Xiaoguang

Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman

The relations across the strait are not state-to-state relations. This claim that the two sides should not being subordinated to each other is a blatant touting of the false "two states" theory.

Tsai Ing-wen


These four commitments are not just my own assertion, and certainly not just the assertions of the DPP. I am certain that they conform to the mainstream view of the Taiwanese people, and match the present needs of the country. In the face of China''s military threats, the DPP government''s resolve has never wavered. I would also like to restate that we will not be cowed by pressure.

President Tsai reiterated that the "four commitments" are mainstream public opinion in Taiwan. Besides the commitment that neither side of the strait should be subordinate to one another, there is also Taiwan''s commitment to a free and democratic constitutional system, commitment to resist annexation or encroachment of Taiwan''s sovereignty and commitment that the future of Taiwan, should be decided by its people.

Ma Xiaoguang

Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman

We are against Taiwan independence and hope for peaceful development in cross-strait relations. This includes our Taiwan compatriots. The compatriots on both sides of the strait share the same will.

Lo Chih-cheng

DPP lawmaker

I''m certain that the majority of Taiwanese support the "four commitments." And I am certain that the international community, except China, will find them acceptable.

Amid China''s threats, the Mainland Affairs Council released a video on the theme of peaceful cross-strait dialogue. The video advocates for sincere communication as the key to progress in relations.