Liu Yu-chi has always loved designing clothes, and now boasts her very own fashion label. As the child of a Taiwanese father and a Chinese mother, Liu wanted to express her dual identities through design. She found inspiration in Chiayi’s Alishan and West Lake in Hangzhou for one collection, even incorporating Minsyong’s famous pineapples. Through these six designs, Liu tells the story of her family.

Liu Yu-chi’s family is wearing the six outfits she created, her brother and sister posing like professional models. The creative designs combine elements of West Lake in her mother’s hometown of Hangzhou with those from her father’s home of Chiayi. Through their fusion, the love shared between them is clear.

Liu Yu-chi
Fashion designer
For this one I mainly used printed train and mountain motifs from Alishan, as well as West Lake, willow trees and pavilions from Hangzhou. I chose green and purple mainly because they are the most moderate on the color wheel, neither cool nor warm. This represents our own neutrality. No one is particularly good or bad, we just have our own personalities.

Liu calls the series “756km of Love on the Runway” for the distance between Hangzhou and Chiayi.

Liu Yu-chi
Fashion designer
When sliced, pineapple looks a lot like the sun. I used slices because we’re always very positive and sunny. I also chose it because pineapple is sweet and sour and sometimes a little sharp. This symbolizes how life is sometimes sweet and sometimes sour, but taken together it’s all wonderful.

In 2022, Liu’s series won an award in the entrepreneurship category from the immigration agency’s “Building Dreams” project for new residents and their children.

Liu Yu-chi
Fashion designer
The way we speak, our accents, our dialects and our food are all different. Acceptance came naturally from a young age. We learned to empathize with others. This is my greatest takeaway from being raised in an immigrant family.

Exploring and melding one’s roots is at the heart of what it means to be second generation. For Liu, what’s most important is making these ideas a reality.

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