The recent food poisoning cluster in Taipei has raised concerns about the safety of processed rice products among diners in Taiwan. In Taoyuan, vendors of a local specialty made of flat rice noodles say sales have plummeted since the outbreak. Amid the delicate situation, businesses specializing in the dish had worried that the Taoyuan city government would postpone a rice noodle festival scheduled for later this month. Mayor Chang San-cheng on Tuesday announced that the festival will go ahead as planned on April 20. Let’s hear from Taoyuan.

Rice noodle vendor
The impact has been enormous. Last week, business was down almost 50%. Previously we would be able to sell 100 catties of rice noodles every day. But this week, it’s just been 30 to 40 catties per day.

Rice noodle vendor
Sales have dropped by 20% to 30%. We’ll keep the rice noodles in the best conditions we can. We don’t want another hit.

Chang San-cheng
Taoyuan mayor
Everyone is very concerned about food safety now. Here in Longgang, our city’s Department of Health has been carrying out inspections. The rice noodles here in Longgang are completely problem-free.

The food poisoning cluster has fueled fears, hurting vendor’s livelihoods. The noodle experts in Longgang say they hope the festival will be an opportunity to ease concerns and allow foodies to enjoy a tasty rice noodle meal with peace of mind.

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