Did you know, hydrogen could be the fuel of the future? To mitigate the effects of climate change, net carbon zero is a global goal. In Taiwan, achieving net zero by 2050 will rely on a massive energy transition. In March, the Industrial Technology Research Institute launched a new group of experts across many fields, who are working on hydrogen technologies. Now ITRI has unveiled its blueprint for Taiwan’s hydrogen revolution over the next 30 years.

He tosses a hydrogen storage container with ease. This container is just 40% of the weight of the traditional steel bottle. This is one of the inventions ITRI hopes will help achieve net zero by 2050. It comes from a broad collaboration of ITRI groups and businesses.

Liu Wen-hsiung

ITRI president

Hydrogen power is a very important energy source to help us achieve our 2050 net zero sustainability goal. In the next 10 years, we will rapidly deploy the technologies we already have. And in the 20 years after that, we will develop new technologies. Although hydrogen power is a solution for the latter half of our plan, we should start to lay the foundations for it now.

ITRI’s new hydrogen power technology blueprints include energy production, vehicles and related industries. It’s working with Taiwanese companies like CPC, Taipower, China Steel and MiTAC-SYNNEX. They’re all moving to get ready for the hydrogen revolution.

Lee Shun-chin

CPC chairman

We’re using a lot of steam methane reforming to produce hydrogen. In the future, we will also use carbon capture, utilization, and storage, which ITRI is currently collaborating to develop. We may also turn waste hydrogen into hydrogen fuel.

Matthew Miao

MiTAC-SYNNEX Group chair

With hydrogen, we can go electric and low-carbon as far as possible with our transport, especially large-scale passenger transport and freight. That will be really useful in the long-term.

Taiwan’s government and industries are working together on energy transition. To help mitigate climate change, all Taiwan’s new vehicles must be electric by 2050. Every year 400,000 new electric cars could hit the road. A quarter of big vehicles like coaches and trucks could be powered by hydrogen fuel. ITRI’s new technologies are carving out a greener path for Taiwanese power.