National Taiwan University Hospital has printed a limited edition range of stickers, to encourage people to take up the COVID vaccine. The most-loved design features cartoon animals representing countries that have supported Taiwan with vaccines. The designs have won hearts across Taiwan and beyond. They''re in such demand that the hospital says it might end up printing a second set.

To make the vaccine more fun, NTU Hospital has designed these “I Got the Shot!” stickers. Their sweet designs went down a treat with these freshly inoculated visitors.

Member of public
On the sticker are the countries that donated vaccines to Taiwan. So I think it’s got some meaning. I really want to take extra stickers, but I’m afraid then people later won’t get one, so I’ll just take one.

On this design, four cute animals represent their countries. The white stork is Lithuania, the Formosan black bear Taiwan, the Shiba Inu Japan, and the bald eagle America. Above them all, a parachute. The sticker thanks Japan, the U.S. and Lithuania for coming to Taiwan’s aid. The first edition of the stickers is just 5,000 pieces.

A German journalist based in Taiwan shared the stickers on Twitter, joking that he had “an idea for a villain” for the next design. And he posted a photo of a German bear, quipping, “Sorry Germany, you missed your shot… Next season, maybe?”

NTU Hospital administrators never dreamed their stickers would get so much attention.

Susan Gau
NTUH Vice superintendent
They came from an NTU ophthalmologist. He opened his own clinic after training and he’s very proactive. On his tablet, he started drawing some elements. I see some people are begging to take extra stickers to give to their friends, or to send to friends abroad.

The hospital confirms that if more countries donate vaccines to Taiwan, their representative animals are in with a shot of getting on the next batch of stickers. With that in mind, let’s expect a flurry of offers to rush in soon.