Taiwan reported two local COVID infections on Thursday. One was a woman in her 70s, the head of a New Taipei preschool hit by a delta outbreak. With this new case, there are now 33 cases linked to the preschool cluster. Also on Thursday, the CECC had an update on an aircraft cabin cleaner, who was confirmed as a delta case the day before. It said that so far, 352 of her 386 contacts have tested negative for COVID. An investigation is underway to find her source of infection.

Chen Shih-chung

Health minister

From the various evidence we have, our preliminary assessment is that the infection source was in the environment she was cleaning. Of course, to make a final verdict, we need clearer proof. But so far it doesn’t look like we’ll be listing her infection as having an unknown source.

The cabin cleaner was vaccinated with one dose of AstraZeneca. The CECC says it will release more vaccines on Sept. 18, for use as second doses for airport employees. Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan says a review will be conducted at the airport, to improve its pandemic protocols.