The CECC announced 89 new cases of COVID Sunday, with 37 imported from overseas and 52 infected domestically. The local cases came from Taoyuan, Kaosiung, Taipei and Yilan, with 30 infected in Taoyuan’s Far Glory free trade zone, where the total of that cluster has reached 100. Let’s hear from the health minister.

Chen Shih-chung

CECC head

As for Far Glory’s cases, another 30 confirmed cases were added yesterday. From the original cases #18,219 and #18,220 that came from the free trade zone, we’re now looking at a total of 100 cases. We’ve already requested chief executive officer Victor Wang to set up a command center there to handle epidemic management work. Apart from Askey, Ingrasys is another company that has a higher number of confirmed cases in the free trade zone. Among the 500 people from the company tested, 17 came out positive. The building that houses Askey and Ingrasys is located in the value-added section of the Far Glory free trade zone. The section has two buildings with almost 3,000 people working in them. We’ve ordered the value-added section to halt all operations. Askey employees working in the same location must self-isolate over this period. Members of their households should intensively self-monitor their health, and refrain from traveling. They should avoid leaving the house if possible, and refrain from taking public transport.

Among Askey’s 386 migrant workers, 66 had tested positive and were sent for treatment, and 320 were sent to quarantine facilities. As for other migrant workers in the free trade zone, 14 were quarantined, 3 tested positive, and 373 were sheltered-in-place at their dorms.