From his work with patients in a coma, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation founder Tsao Ching got the idea to make ink-wash paintings using cotton swabs as brushes. Now 99 years old, Tsao is holding a charity exhibition at a hot spring guesthouse in Miaoli to raise money for a medical center in Hualien, as well as one in Miaoli to care for comatose patients.

This hot spring guesthouse in Miaoli is hosting a charity exhibition. At the moment, staffers from the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation are enjoying a performance by a dance troupe from Hualien.

Lee Yu-jen
Guesthouse staffer
We’re making our small space available in the hopes of spreading the love to as many people as possible.

These landscape paintings are all by foundation creator Tsao Ching, created using only cotton swabs. He was inspired by his early work caring for coma patients, using cotton swabs to clean bedsores.

Chen Lu-jung
Foundation Miaoli branch director
He used cotton swabs to help medicate the bedsores on our coma patients. By using the swabs in this way, he made new use of his skills.

Ninety-nine-year-old Tsao has a special place in his heart for Hualien. Currently, there are over 1,000 people in a coma or with severe disabilities and only 66 staffers at the Miaoli facility. To ease the burden on their families, Tsao painted coastal landscapes to raise money.

Chen Lu-jung
Foundation Miaoli branch director
He collected a bunch of photos of the coastand used cotton swabs to daub on paint bit by bit to gradually form an image.

The money raised by the exhibition will all be donated to build a Hualien facility, as well as supplement funding for the Miaoli location.

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