Now we meet a tidying up guru who helps clients turn their “little houses” into “mansions.” Fang Li moved to Taiwan from China 15 years ago. After bringing up two kids as a single mother, she found her calling: tidying up. She now has a small business of her own and is excited about extending her housekeeping insights to more clients.

This professional tidying expert is Fang Li, who hails from China and has lived in Taiwan for 15 years.

She clears out the clothes closet, and separates items by category into large storage bags. She skillfully places the sofa in a new position and re-places the items according to their user’s habits, turning what was a messy bedroom into a spacious nest, spick and span.

Fang Li
Tidying expert and Chinese immigrant
We’ve tidied and organized the objects and then divided the room into zones. There’s the sleeping zone, the working zone, the cosmetics zone, and a little living room zone. Once your items are sorted and tidied, it’s easy and frictionless to use them.

Fang paid for her own education in the tidying profession. She has recognized professional qualifications from Taiwan and Japan, and has founded a small working group as she grows her business.

Fang Li
Tidying expert and Chinese immigrant
Often when we finish a job, the client will say, “I didn’t realize our house could feel so big! Yeah, we often say our home is very small.” But you can really turn a “small” home into a mansion through a tidying service.

When she first arrived in Taiwan, Fang worked part-time at a fruit and vegetable market. Later she worked as a cleaner, and in recent years transitioned to her work as a tidying guru. After a divorce, she raised her two children alone, which was a financial strain. But she got through the difficult years and was able to turn her focus to home organization, where she found her vocation.

Fang Li
Tidying expert and Chinese immigrant
The harvest I have now is that I brought up these two children, and I find my value in them. I bought my own house, thanks to the work I’ve done for the last decade or more. I think if you just work hard, and live sincerely, then you will have a beautiful life.

A 22-year-old woman went through marriage and migration to grow into a woman with strength and softness. Qipao dance, her favorite hobby, is a lot like her own life story: it may look simple, but behind the elegant movements is a surprising story. Fang hopes her small business will continue to put down roots, and one day she can become a big name in the world of tidying up.

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