Wealthy Taipei may be the capital city of Taiwan but have you ever looked at it from the perspective of a homeless person or a student? The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei is holding an exhibition exploring the experiences of poor people who have migrated to Taipei over the last half century and the subsequent process of urbanization. Through a series of installations, "Poor People’s Taipei: Transfer Station" explores the capital’s shadowy underbelly. FTV reporter Stephany Yang takes us in for a look!

The first section of this exhibition focuses on the voices of urban Indigenous people, homeless people and migrant workers. This work "What Brings You Here" is an installation with a timeline showcasing quotes of people who migrated to Taipei from the 1970s to today.

Chu A-iong
Taipei is a city with many immigrants. When did everyone come to this city? What are their thoughts and perceptions about this city? They collected interviews of homeless people, Indigenous people, and migrant workers. They also discovered why young people, college students or people from other places came to Taipei.

Another work "Luma" is a workers’ shed. Inside the shed are objects and videos to shed light on the experiences of urban Indigenous people. Beginning in the 1960s, urbanization created job opportunities and attracted people from central and southern Taiwan to relocate to Taipei. The exhibition is divided into three sections and recounts people’s urban migration journeys through a series of installations and interviews.

Chu A-iong
This exhibition is divided into three areas. Because the name of the exhibition is called Transfer Station, we want to start by telling the story of people coming to Taipei after getting off the station. The first exhibition area talks about those who live in this city who are unknown to the public. We recorded the stories of these workers or tribesmen. The second area of the exhibition is about the lifestyle of homeless people or people from poor families. How they are seen from the outside world and how they are treated by society? The third exhibition area is about the future.

Poor People’s Taipei: Transfer Station will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art until June 16.

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