Taiwan’s outgoing and incoming presidents spoke at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit on Tuesday, at the invitation of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation. Both emphasized that despite the threat from China, Taiwan was determined to defend its democracy. Let’s hear from them.

Lai Ching-te
We will work to safeguard the status quo on both sides. I will not rule out dialogue with China on the principles of mutual respect, mutual benefits, and dignity, with no preconditions. … we must not repeat the failures of the past that led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We cannot take lightly the threats of the authoritarian states. Nor can we bow down to their expansion. Instead, we should strengthen our freedom and democracy; our own economies and resilience; and our mutual cooperation for the benefit of our people.

Tsai Ing-wen
The PRC thought by routinizing cyberattacks, hacking, and military intrusions, the people of Taiwan would either be debilitated by fear or become numb and complacent. That was certainly not the case. Despite this, the people of Taiwan are more determined than ever to safeguard democracy and freedom.

President Tsai said that under the leadership of President-elect Lai Ching-te, Taiwan’s government and its people would continue to do their utmost to advance freedom and democracy worldwide.

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