Traffic has been restored on Provincial Highway No. 2 at Keelung’s Chaojing Park, which was struck by a landslide last Monday. Rubble had fallen over the road, damaging 11 vehicles and blocking traffic in both directions. After a week of repairs, the mountain slope has been stabilized and the debris cleared away. The road was reopened ahead of schedule at 2 p.m. on Monday, just in time for Dragon Boat Festival.

Workers rush to collect traffic cones. One week after a landslide, the road in front of Keelung’s Chaojing Park reopened at 2 p.m.

Cars began flooding in as soon as the barriers came down, bringing holidaymakers eager to sightsee on Dragon Boat Festival. Some visitors pulled out their phones to snap a photo of the repaired slope.

Time-lapse photography records the process, showing soil and rocks carpeting the road before they’re gradually lifted away.

Tsai Chih-ying
Highway Bureau Keelung section chief
We used three layers of concrete blocks as one protection measure. As a second measure, we placed Jersey barriers 3 meters away from the concrete. This way, there’s a buffer zone that allows any small falling rocks to be contained.

A landslide struck Keelung’s Chaojing Park at 2 p.m. last Monday, closing down the Beining Road entrance of Provincial Highway No. 2. The rubble damaged 11 vehicles and sent two people to the hospital. According to the transport ministry, the landslide was due to heavy rain and a recent string of earthquakes. It took one week of repairs to restore traffic.

Li Men-yen
Transport minister
We are opening the road one day earlier than expected, at 2 p.m. today. The speed limit will be maintained at 25 kilometers an hour. We will also have personnel monitoring the situation and making changes as needed.

The National Museum of Marine Science and Technology has launched discounts to celebrate the reopening. From Tuesday to June 30, tickets will be half-price for all exhibits. The museum will also hold a raffle draw, in hopes of bringing crowds back to the scenic area.

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