U.S. biotech firm Moderna has confirmed a large COVID vaccine supply deal it has reached with Taiwan. On its official website, it posted a press release, saying the deal is for 35 million doses of its "COVID-19 vaccine and its updated variant booster vaccine candidate, if authorized." Moderna also confirmed the delivery timeline announced by the Taiwan government, which is for 20 million doses to be delivered starting next year, and another 15 million doses to be shipped in 2023.

On Thursday, the Executive Yuan and the CECC announced a purchase order for the Moderna vaccine. Immediately afterward, Moderna released a statement on its official website. It said it had signed a contract to provide Taiwan with 20 million doses starting next year and another 15 million doses in 2023, for a total of 35 million. In the statement, Moderna’s CEO said, “We thank Taiwan for their support in securing this new agreement to supply in 2022 and 2023 our mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and our updated variant booster candidate, if approved.”

Tsai Pi-ru

Taiwan People’s Party lawmaker

It’s already July 23. Of all the vaccines we’ve ordered, only 3.05 million doses have arrived. The others were donated by foreign countries and corporations. So we’re just going to wait and see. We’ll see if this government check bounces again.

Chen Ting-fei

DPP lawmaker

Because we have a bad neighbor, we encountered lots of twists and turns during the vaccine procurement process. But we are making progress slowly.

Responding to the purchase order, the KMT said it was happy the government adopted its suggestion.

Johnny Chiang

KMT lawmaker

We’re happy to see the government take up the KMT’s proposal. Only by bringing in more vaccines can Taiwan get more people vaccinated. That is to say, boosting shipments will boost the vaccination rate. Whether the purchase order arrives sooner rather than later – that’s the real question.

Chen Ting-fei

DPP lawmaker

We don’t mind the KMT sticking a feather in its own cap. When they sing their own praises, they’re also affirming everything the DPP government has done. But when giving affirmation, don’t cause any trouble. We are not like certain people who let their mouths do all the work.

The DPP lawmaker pushed back, urging the KMT not to create obstacles for Taiwan’s COVID campaign.