The annual fashion extravaganza Taipei Fashion Week is back in action. This year the 2022 spring-summer collections of Taiwan''s top designers are being showcased. Formosa News reporter Stephany Yang visited one of the shows to meet with designers and discuss their collections.

Models strut the catwalk. The collection is by designers Jerry Hsieh and Cynthia Hsieh who got their inspiration from music, flowers, and geological formations. Rapper BC8LOCC also took the stage for a special performance.

Cynthia Hsieh


At first, we mainly got inspiration through music. We''d take the music and its rhythms and some music loops similar to the life cycle of a flower and we would add that into the collection.

Jerry Hsieh


A lot of hip-hop has been making its way up and getting the public''s attention. We are especially honored by well known rapper BC8LOCC''s acceptance of our invitation to participate. We intend to incorporate our favorite music into our fashion and outfits. Some of our clothing designs include elements of hip-hop and rock and roll, while others come across as a little more formal.



I hope that rap music can have a lot more links to fashion. This is something that is very good, letting everyone know that hip-hop is not just about wearing baggy or sloppy clothes anymore. In fact, fashion is also an element of hip-hop.

Designer Kao Yuan-lung''s fashion has found inspiration in the sounds and echoes of space.

Kao Yuan Lung


The inspiration for this design comes from the idea of an echo in outer space, or space echo. We have integrated music into our fabrics and taken this idea of a space echo to symbolize our hope that this post-epidemic generation will get a good reply from the cosmos.

For her part, designer Jill Shen utilized jacquard fabrics in the creation of her clothing. Her collections are combinations of home and outer wear.

Jill Shen

Influenced by the pandemic, we created clothing good for wearing at home that can also be worn outside, turning cloth made for household use by Taiwan''s textile manufacturers into our outfits. The materials we use are all eco-friendly and Taiwan textiles makers have come to the attention of the world. I hope to be able to take these fabrics, the hard work of Taiwan''s textile factories, and bring them to the Tokyo Fashion Week. .

Physical and virtual runway shows feature throughout Taipei Fashion Week''s 15 days of events, along with pop-up stores both online and offline until October 17.