Alishan National Park in Central Taiwan is famous for its so-called sacred trees, which are old trees that can reach a height of over 30 meters. One sacred, 1600-year-old red cypress stands right near the entrance of the park. Other than sacred trees, maple trees are also found in the area. With the changing season, foliage colors are also changing, and now is the perfect time to visit the area.

A giant Taiwan red cypress towers over other trees near the entrance of Alishan National Park. It’s located at a bend in the road, and that’s why it’s often overlooked when visitors drive past it.


Before, when we came to Alishan, we would go see the sacred tree inside the recreation area. This is the first time we’re traveling with the whole family. On our way to Xinyi Township via the Central Cross Highway, we stumbled upon this 1600-year-old sacred tree. We’re really glad to see it.

Maple leaves in the area have started to change color, painting the surrounding hills in autumnal splendor.

The maple trees lining the highway that connects Alishan and Yushan offer a visual treat to all travelers.

Inside the recreation area, cherry trees dominate the area. But there is one lone maple tree standing three to four stories tall right by the Alishan Hotel dressed in seasonal colors.

Lin Jun-cong

Room service manager, Alishan Hotel

Because of the recent low temperatures, the maple leaves will begin to change color, getting more and more beautiful.

As the epidemic subsides, travelers are returning to the area. Now is actually the best time of the year to view foliage colors.