The town of Furano in Hokkaido is famous for its flower fields, featuring rows of lavender floral seas. Flower lovers in Taiwan won’t have to travel far because they can visit a field similar to those in Furano right here in Taipei. FTV reporter Stephany Yang takes us there for a visit.

Stephany Yang
Formosa News reporter
Furano is a famous place for people to view vivid flower fields. You won’t have to travel to Furano because the flower fields have been recreated in Beitou.

A group of dancers wearing kimonos dance in front of a flower field. Lavender, silver ragwort, French marigold, scarlet sage, and other flowers adorn the mountain slope. This is the Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park. The city’s parks and lights office has recreated the floral sea of Furano here.

This is the sea of flowers in mini Hokkaido. I have also been to Hokkaido. The large ones are there. The small ones are here. They are very beautiful! There are different layers. The lavenders are so beautiful to take photos of.

I have been to Japan before, and I think this place is just as good. The sea of flowers is big and beautiful.

The flowers here are very beautiful. It is worth visiting. It is the same as the flower season in Japan.

In 2019, the Taipei City Parks and Streets Lights Office transformed this mountain slope near the Xiushan Fire Department into the Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park. The area spans 1,200 square meters. This year, 20,000 pots of flowers have been planted. Visitors can walk along the slopes and admire the flowers.

These flowers are very beautiful. They have held this for several years.

The floral sea will be on display until March 31.

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