It’s Dragon Boat Festival, a time for eating rice dumplings known as zongzi. President Lai Ching-te released a festive video on YouTube, sharing his experience making zongzi with new immigrants. In the video, Lai thanked Taiwan’s new immigrants for their contributions to society. He emphasized that as president, he was committed to taking care of each of Taiwan’s ethnic groups.

In a special Dragon Boat Festival video, President Lai Ching-te went to Hsinchu’s Xincheng community to meet new immigrants. He tried his hand at making zongzi from around the world.

No zongzi was too tricky for the president. Sleeves rolled up, he assembled this Vietnamese-style dumpling in a matter of minutes.

Next, he tackled a Malaysian Nyonya Chang.

The instructor gave directions one at a time, and Lai followed each to a T.

Hsinchu’s Xincheng Fengtang leisure park is run by a Chinese immigrant and her husband. During Lai’s time as premier, the couple expanded the park in line with his policies for local revitalization. They also supported former President Tsai Ing-wen’s long-term care policies by establishing a service center in Baoshan District. During his visit to the park, Lai extended his greetings to Taiwan’s new immigrants.

Lai Ching-te
Happy Dragon Boat Festival, happy Dragon Boat Festival. I’m very pleased to be spending the holiday with everyone. Thank you all for your support and assistance. Of course, I’m very grateful to you for coming to Taiwan and for your contributions to Taiwanese society. As president, I promise to do my best, and to care for all of our ethnic groups.

Lai and his hosts then enjoyed a sampling of the world’s rice dumplings. During the meal, he listened to their tales about life in Taiwan, as they celebrated a happy Dragon Boat Festival together.

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