As we head into December, cold waves are moving in, one after the next. This Thursday, another wave of strong northeasterlies will sweep in, taking temperatures as low as 15 degrees in central and northern Taiwan. Looking ahead at this winter’s forecast, the Central Weather Administration predicts a mild season. Temperatures are set to be warmer than normal, due to a moderate El Nino weather pattern. Wetter-than-average conditions are also expected in some parts of Taiwan.

Taiwan saw overcast to sunny skies islandwide on Tuesday. Temperatures are expected to rise the following day, before a cold front brings chilly, damp weather to the north.

Wu Wan-hua
CWA forecaster
On Thursday, Friday and all the way to Sunday, temperatures in the north will be significantly lower. The north, northeast, and the east, as well as the outlying islands of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, will see day-night temperature swings of just about 4 to 5 degrees. But in central and southern Taiwan, the difference will still be about 10 degrees. We expect the lowest temperatures from Friday night to Saturday morning.

On Thursday, strengthening northeasterlies will bring down temperatures islandwide. Kinmen and Matsu will see lows of 13 to 14 degrees. In central, northern, and northeastern Taiwan, the mercury will sink to 15 degrees, while other regions will remain at around 18 to 19 degrees. Besides the drop in temperature, the northeasterlies will also bring increased moisture. Expect brief localized showers in windward areas of Taoyuan, north of Taoyuan and in the eastern half. Other areas of Taiwan will see overcast to sunny skies.

This fall season, only four typhoons formed over the Northern Pacific Ocean. That’s a significant drop from the average of 10.87, and the lowest number since 1958. This coming winter, Taiwan is likely to see normal to warm temperatures and average to above-average rainfall due to a moderate El Nino weather pattern.

Chen Yi-liang
CWA forecaster
For December, January, and February, the likelihood of high temps is on a downward trend, but is still quite high overall. As for rain, there are no clear signs for December. But in January and February, many areas of Taiwan are expected to receive above-average rainfall.

A mild winter is ahead, but cold waves are still likely to bring sudden temperature drops. The public is advised to watch the forecast to be prepared.

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