Taiwan reported two more local COVID infections on Monday. One is a man who worked at the Novotel airport hotel. The other is the daughter of a confirmed case, an Indonesian China Airlines pilot who was diagnosed in Australia last month. We turn to the Central Epidemic Command Center.

Chen Shih-chung
CECC commander
The first one, Case #1,145, is a Taiwanese man in his 40s who worked as a contractor in the hotel. From early April to April 28, he was at the hotel on all days, excepting his days off. He developed a cough on April 28 and sought medical treatment on April 30. After an assessment by health authorities, a test was arranged for him on May 1, and he was diagnosed today. His CT value is 13. Case #1,146 is an Indonesian girl in her teens. She lived with the pilot who tested positive in Australia. Her other family members, Case #1,090 and Case #1,111, have no recent history of international travel. She was put in home quarantine on April 21 and tested for COVID. At the time, her test came back negative. But on April 30, she began experiencing a slight fever, a runny nose, and throat discomfort, but the symptoms were so mild she did not report them. Since everyone in her family ended up testing positive, she was given another test on May 2 and diagnosed positive today. Her CT is 19.

Contact tracing has begun for the infected Novotel contractor. So far, 23 people have been identified as close contacts. Authorities are also putting together a list of the patient’s recent whereabouts. As for the other infected individual, the Indonesian teenager, authorities say no contact tracing is required, as she was already in home isolation when she developed symptoms.