After a 12-year hiatus, the National Middle School Athletic Games is being conducted once again in the capital Taipei. The games’ opening ceremony was held Saturday night with the attendance of Taipei mayor Chiang Wan-an, Premier Chen Chien-jen, and Vice President Lai Ching-te. Lai mentioned during his remarks that he’ll be pushing for an upgrade of the Sports Administration to become the Ministry of Sports and Sports Industry Development.

Singer Will Hsu sang with a joint orchestra made up of members of Jieshou and Dunhua junior high schools’ orchestras at the Taipei Arena, mesmerizing the audience.

The uniform movements of the Taipei First Girls High School marching band, as well as a dance that integrated traditional skills with modern art, were part of four sets of performances that kicked off the 2024 National Middle School Athletic Games.

After a 12-year hiatus, the most important annual sporting event for Taiwan’s middle school students is being held in Taipei once again. From April 20 to 25, teenage athletes from around the nation will gather here to compete against one another in 22 different sports. Classes are suspended for four days starting April 22 in 150 schools, so that sports facilities on campus can be used for the games and students can participate.

Chiang Wan-an
Taipei mayor
I believe that this year’s National Games in Taipei will be very exciting. And I guarantee that in this year’s games, there will be athletes who will go on to win gold medals at the Olympics and Asian Games in the future.

In addition to Mayor Chiang, education minister Pan Wen-chung, Premier Chen Chien-jen, and Vice President Lai Ching-te were all on hand at the event to cheer on the participants.

Chen Chien-jen
I’d like to use the Olympic motto to motivate everyone, and that is “Faster, higher, stronger, together.”

Lai Ching-te
Vice President
During my presidential campaign, I proposed a sports policy, and that is, we should upgrade the Sports Administration to become the Ministry of Sports and Sports Industry Development. We will continue to promote Guidance Program 2.0 for outstanding athletes.

In addition to promoting the development of the sports industry, both the central and local governments have spared no effort to cultivate Taiwan’s future athletic stars through the annual national games for youths.

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