Fulong Sand Sculpture Art Festival is here again! The annual sand extravaganza is finally here, delayed for months by COVID and the ravages of typhoons. This year, the international festival''s theme is Pixar films. The family-friendly event features some of the most iconic characters from animation. Visitors can even give sand art a try themselves.

Carl and Russell from Pixar''s "Up."

Sand art based on Pixar movies "Toy Story" and "The Incredibles''" entrances beachgoers. Many pose with the incredible sculptures.


It looks just like it. We''re Pixar fans.


I''m especially interested in this Disney theme. They actually look just like the films.

Taking photos and selfies is a must, but dedicated fans have brought along figurines of the characters in the sand, a sign of the power of Pixar''s storytelling.

Tai Juan-hung

Hotel owner

When you come in you go through a complete, full-body disinfection. After going through the disinfection gate, all the visitors on the beach are safe and clean. Furthermore, we control crowd numbers, so in every zone and in every timeslot, there can only be a maximum of 100 people.

An artist consults an image while chiselling out a figure in the sand. One sculptor takes on "Soul," the 2020 Christmas hit. Fulong sand art festival 2021 is the only sand art festival in Asia themed on Pixar. Ten renowned international sand artists were invited to take up residence on the beach for two weeks, completing 13 magnificent sculptures. Despite the event being postponed from July to September, due to the Level 3 COVID alert, as well as two separate typhoons, the artists were determined to make it happen.

Sand artist

We were asked to reconstruct them exactly the same, and also to adjust their faces; for example, each character needs to be smiling and happy. So we had to do extra refinements on all their postures and facial expressions. Then because of the pandemic and the typhoons… those two typhoons really caused a lot of damage.

Wu Chien-chih

North Coast National Scenic Area official

We''re launching a series of events for Fulong Life Festival 2021. You can come and enjoy our sandy beaches, as well as cycle to our central point, Cape Santiago Lighthouse, and enjoy our beautiful Northeast Coast.

After a summer indoors, it''s time to head to the beach. Visitors can even try their own hand at sand art. It''s a great way to get into nature and unleash your creativity this Mid-Autumn Festival.