A new railway museum has opened in Nantou’s Shuili Township. The “Railways Classroom” has been built in an old school, and features a realistic recreation of the inside of a classic train carriage. It offers lots of other exhibits on local industries and history, giving visitors a wealth of Nantou culture to get stuck into.

This classroom has been made up as a model train carriage, complete with a picturesque view rolling by outside the window. Visitors can enjoy a replica of the famous Leopard Cat Banana Train and learn all about the many scenic spots along the Jiji Line.

Chen Chih-hsien

Nantou County Tourism Bureau head

We’ve turned the final train station from old Checheng into an important tourist site.

The “Railways Classroom” has been created in what was once Checheng Elementary School. After the school shut down in 2015, it was taken over by the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration. Working with commercial partners, they pursued projects like reusable cups and free water fountains, to bring life to the site. They entered a sustainable tourism contest, winning a silver award from the Global Green Destinations Award and Certification Program.

Chien Ching-fa

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Admin.

We have done up this old Checheng school, which was abandoned. We’ve put in here these exhibits related to railways, timber and sustainable tourism. Of course, what’s most important is that we’re giving tourists another place to get a meal.

Sun Moon Lake officials want Checheng to be a portal into tourism in the wider area.

Chien Ching-fa

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Admin.

In the future, we hope this venue will be a starting point which will bring tourists in, and they can spill over to visit places like Shuili, Jiji and even Hsinyi.

The Railways Classroom is a must-visit for locomotion fans and local history buffs. Nantou officials hope it will become a cornerstone of sustainable tourism for the whole county.