Presidential adviser Koo Kwang-ming has donated US$1 million to help Ukrainian refugees. That''s about NT$28.5 million, sent to a relief account created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speaking to FTV, Koo became visibly emotional when speaking about why he wanted to help Ukraine.

Koo Kwang-ming
Presidential Office adviser
Whether it’s a donation of NT$1,000 or my donation of US$1 million to Ukraine, it all comes from the same place in the heart. When Japan entered World War II, I was a student in Taiwan, and I was recruited as a soldier. So, the sadness and cruelty of war is something I have experienced firsthand. A strong country like Russia has no reason to attack Ukraine. Maybe China, the CCP, has no reason to attack Taiwan, who knows, right? So, what is happening in Ukraine is something we can relate to.

Koo''s donation was announced on Friday by the manager of the relief account. Including this donation, the total amount raised for Ukraine stands at NT$563 million.