Second-dose COVID vaccination began on Wednesday for children aged 5 to 11. In New Taipei''s Linkou District, one elementary school opened a vaccination station for some 400 eligible children. According to the CECC''s latest guidelines, young children can receive a second shot if they had their first dose at least four weeks prior.

The child lets out a shriek upon seeing the needle. She writhes in her mother’s lap to get away. Medical staff and volunteers try to comfort the girl, as other children wait in line for their second COVID vaccine.

Second-dose vaccination is now underway at schools. For children aged 5 to 11, the recommended dosing interval was recently shortened from 12 to four weeks. On Wednesday, many eligible children turned out for on-campus vaccination.


It’s impossible to not be worried. I’ve been worrying since I filled out the vaccine willingness survey. Now that he’s gotten the vaccine, we just have to accept that it’s happened and monitor him afterward.

Parents say they fear adverse reactions, but fear serious COVID illness even more. At Xin Lin Elementary School, the principal says that Pfizer has proven more popular than Moderna among parents.

Liu Daw-der

Xin Lin Elementary School principal

Today we’re administering 46 doses of Moderna and 488 doses of Pfizer, for a total of 534 doses. Our overall vaccination rate is 53.24%. What we’re hearing from parents – what they’re telling us – is that they’d like for their children to be vaccinated sooner rather than later. Because summer vacation is coming up, and the children can’t stand being cooped up any longer. So parents want to get the kids vaccinated as soon as possible, to give them protection and to prevent moderate-to-severe illness.

School administrators hope that as more kids get vaccinated, there will be fewer class disruptions due to COVID. With the summer break approaching, parents are advised to get their children fully vaccinated.