Farmers in Miaoli have drawn a special piece of art in their paddy fields. The design, created with multicolored rice, is intended to ward off any more trouble from COVID-19. It features three of the top deities from folk Taoism. Farmers in Yuan LiTownship have even built a viewing platform so visitors can appreciate the art from the air.

A drone flies over paddy fields, capturing the remarkable designs in the rice. Three beaming Great Emperor Officials stand happily in the fields, while another field nearby carries the message, "Hang in There, Taiwan" along with a swallow bearing a vaccine to fight off the virus.

Chen Mao-sung

Yuanli Township Farmers'' Association

Because of the pandemic, we made these Three Great Emperor-Officials. And here we also did "Hang in There, Taiwan." We hope they''ll protect the Taiwanese people.

Yuanli Township is the biggest producer of grains in Miaoli. This is the second rice harvest of the year, and farmers have taken the chance to mark COVID in style, with Taoist deities who protect the heavens, the earth and the waters. The swallow is the mascot of the farmers'' association. The design uses five colors of rice - yellow, white, purple, green, and black - to create the auspicious artwork.

Member of public

Looking at this fills you with hope. Not to mention the Three Great Emperor-Officials - it feels like the gods in heaven are protecting us.

The living images will be at their most beautiful just in time for Mid-Autumn Festival. A special viewing platform has been set up by the farmers'' association, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the view in a COVID-secure way.