Yilan is in bloom. Locals in Sanxing Township are enjoying a profusion of flowers along their local highways, and looking forward to the annual pear harvest. Meanwhile, in Wujie Township, there’s a special flower that only blooms at night. The unusual sight of pink petalsunfurling in the dark has won the tree a nickname: “Summer Fireworks.”

Accompanied by the endless chirping of a thousand insects, these branches appear festooned with pink fairy lights. But of course, it’s a sea of flowers, their pink-white petals reaching down to the ground like so many tiny fireworks. Visitors make night pilgrimages here, to see the flowers glow in the gloom.

Flower lover

The flowers are so beautiful this year. They were all coming out along the branches, and we knew there would be an explosion this year. So many of them! Fabulous!

Here at Wushierjia Wetlands in Yilan’s Wujie Township, there’s a profusion of powderpuff trees. They only bloom at night, wilting in the daytime. But every time they open, they release a powerful fragrance and attract a host of visitors.

Meanwhile, along a country road in Sanxing Township, a river of golden blossoms hangs between green leaves and azure sky. This exquisite summer vista extends a good 3 or 4 kilometers down the highway. The golden shower tree is a local landmark. The townshiphelps local farmers sell their fruit, by using the golden flowers as an advert.

Li Chih-yung

Sanxing Township chief

Because of the pandemic, this year we’re expecting a sharp drop in the number of summer tourists. It’s the harvest next week, and the township office is holding a special event to help our pear farmers promote their produce.

The inclement climate this year has taken a toll on the Yilan pears of the township. But while the harvest is small, the fruit is as sweet as ever. Locals hope plenty of visitors will come out to enjoy the summer in both fruit and flower.