Taiwan has launched its third round of vaccination, with nearly 1.28 million people booked for a shot. This round targets people 48 and older, who will mostly receive the AstraZeneca vaccine. In addition, those in the first three priority groups can receive their second dose of the Moderna vaccine. As of the end of Thursday, Taiwan''s vaccination rate stood at 24.94%.

Holding up an arm and a sign, the nurse calls people forth to receive a vaccine. Taiwan’s third round of vaccination began on Friday. Some of those who turned out at clinics were there for their second shot.

Second-dose AZ recipient

I’m so happy to have gotten my second dose. I can rest easy now. Before, I was hesitant and scared. There were lots of places I didn’t dare go to.

This round of vaccination targets adults 48 and older, who will mostly receive AstraZeneca. There’s a small supply of Moderna available, which will be offered as a second dose to priority groups 1-3. Vaccine clinics have ramped up manpower to handle the surge of people.

Hsieh Tsang-tang

Taipei''s Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

This vaccination station usually administers 1,000 doses a day. But today we expect to administer nearly 1,500. Because we’re handling more vaccines now, we need to deploy more manpower and be even more careful.

Currently Taiwan still has more than 2.18 million AstraZeneca doses. Meanwhile, only 824,000 doses of Moderna remain, but there are still 2.7 million people who need their second dose. Most of them are in for a wait.

Second-dose Moderna recipient

At first I was worried, but there are always new vaccines coming in. Because no one I know has received the second dose yet, I don’t know what the side effects are. I’ve heard that the immune reaction is greater.

Second-dose Moderna recipient

I went to big hospitals to try to make an appointment – it was pretty easy to get one.

The CECC said that about 147,000 doses were administered on Thursday, the last day of Round 2. Taiwan’s one-dose vaccination rate now stands at 24.94%.