China sent 27 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense buffer zone on Sunday, the same day a Baltic delegation touched down on the island. For the first time, the PLA deployed a Y-20 aerial refueling aircraft. Taiwan’s defense minister said that Chinese military harassment of Taiwan had become routine, and that Taiwan had a full grasp of all Chinese missions in its vicinity. Foreign minister Joseph Wu had a much sharper response, declaring on Twitter that Taiwan will quote, “never, never, never” bow to Chinese pressure.

Forming a heart with two hands, a guest from afar greets the camera. Lawmakers from three Baltic states flew to Taiwan on Sunday, defying Beijing’s stiff objections. On the day of their arrival, China sent 27 military aircraft into Taiwan’s southwestern air defense buffer zone. Some of the aircraft flew straight to the edge of Taiwan’s southeastern airspace, before turning back. For the first time, the mission included a Y-20 aerial refueling aircraft.

Chiu Kuo-cheng

Defense minister

What is the intention here? It is nothing more than to wear us down slowly, to tell us, “I have this power.” What our military has to show them is, “Yes, you have power, but I have countermeasures. We conduct exercises, which we will use as a reference for future action.”

Chang Yen-ting

Former deputy Air Force commander

Parliamentarians from three Baltic countries are visiting Taiwan. In addition, there is the U.S. Summit for Democracy, which will be held on Dec. 8 and 9. To make its political position clear, China is using military action to underscore its political stance.

The defense ministry said it was routine for China to deploy planes to Taiwan’s air defense zone. It said it had a full grasp of all of China’s missions, including the number and scope of aircraft involved. The ministry said the latest incursion was business as usual. Meanwhile, foreign minister Joseph Wu issued a more fiery response.

Posting to Twitter, Wu said that China’s actions were “obviously meant to bring Taiwan to its knees” and “keep us away from democratic partners.” Using the word “never” three times, he said that Taiwan would never bow to Chinese pressure. He signed off with his initials: JW.

Chao Tien-lin

DPP lawmaker

We see that China is still up to its old tricks. It’s marshalling all its resources to fuel its aggression, sending more aircraft and more different types of aircraft. It’s even deployed an aerial tanker. I think you said it very well. “We will never bow to CCP pressure.” Here at the Legislative Yuan, might I ask you to reiterate: At a time when likeminded nations the world over are supporting Taiwan in the face of China’s brutal aggression, what is the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Joseph Wu

Foreign minister

We will never bow to Chinese pressure. Never, never, never.

As global tides turn against Beijing, Chinese aggression is driving more democratic allies to Taiwan’s side.