Taiwan’s 16th president-elect Lai Ching-te is “a prince from a mining town.”, less than 100 days after Lai’s birth, his father died in an accident in a coal mine, his mother managed to raise six children well, but the tragedy can still be seen etched on Lai’s face.

NDHU professor Lin Chin-lung is also a miner’s son, he has spoken of how his mother took her 10 children to wait outside the mine after an accident, the terror of such an event cannot be forgotten.

Film director Wu Nien-jen moved viewers with “A Borrowed Life,” a film depicting the life of his father, also a miner.

Over 125 years, more than 400,000 families have depended on coal mining in Taiwan, countless tragic stories are hidden in that figure. Why has Taiwanese mining been so dangerous? let’s examine that question today on Taiwan History.

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