China’s latest embargo on Taiwan sugar apples has thrown another curveball at Taiwanese farmers. Sugar apples from Taitung have long been one of the sweetest fruits of the fall. Farmers are keen to show the public just how many ways they can be enjoyed. ##

Customers cluster round a freezer, choosing ice creams. There’s a very special flavor causing quite a stir.

As children bite into this atemoya ice pop, they know they chose well. It’s sweet and sour, refreshing and comforting all at once. Tourists seem to favor this Taitung local specialty.

Mr. Chen

Member of public

We want to support the local farmers. We all have to do our bit and pull together.

Sugar apples can flavor all kinds of sweets: ice cream, ice pops, mochi desserts, egg rolls, and sesame crackers.

Liu Chao-hao

DPP lawmaker

The stimulus vouchers that are soon to come out will be followed by agricultural tourism vouchers. You can use them to buy sugar apples or other Taiwanese fruit, also with a certain discount.

Wang Chih-wei

Taitung Sugar Apple Growers’ Association

The government has provided some funds to support the market, so they can establish concessions long-term. There they can sell sugar apples, wax apples, pineapples. That’s the only way to give substantial help.

Using sugar apples for flavorings is one thing, but the really vital market is the whole fruit itself. Taitung lawmakers and farmers hope the market can be reinvigorated so their efforts aren’t lost on the public.