Taiwan’s favorite sport can be none other than baseball. Even those who aren’t big sports lovers can reel off the names of all the top baseball stars. The Little League, the Pro League in Taiwan, the U.S. MLB: Games in these leagues are frequent topics at family kitchen tables all across Taiwan. The history of baseball in Taiwan is a century filled with pride and glory.

The sport traces its roots in Taiwan to Japan. The first baseball team was founded 100 years ago at a school for Japan’s Government-General in Taiwan, the forerunner of today’s Taipei Jianguo High School. The sport was then known as “yakyu,” or “field ball.” After World War II, many companies and clubs started baseball teams, and the sport thrived at schools of all kinds, especially elementary schools. Even poor children who had to use “branches for bats” or “rocks for balls” were inspired by the game.

Today on Taiwan History, we look back on 100 years of baseball history across the generations.