Hualien County relaxes ban on water leisure pursuits in time for summer 2021

Hualien County's leisure industry has welcomed news that three major areas of the coast will reopen for water sports this year. A ban on ocean-going leisure has been in place since in 2017. But from April this year, rules will be relaxed at some of the county's most popular coastal spots, meaning water-lovers will once again be able to enjoy the waves.

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Heading to the coast to have fun on the water tops the summer bucket list for many. It's springtime again, and Hualien County government will soon reopen three main areas for leisure pursuits.

Chen Yung-nan, Hualien Tourism Dept.
The whole coastal region is divided into three parts. We hope that everyone will be spread out throughout the limited area we have on the water. And according to the conditions of the water locally, they can pursue the safest leisure activities.

In 2017 the county instituted the Qixingtan management regulations, which ban the public from going out to sea for leisure. Now that ban will be lifted to a certain degree. From April to September this year, non-motorized leisure pursuits will be permitted in the Chongde area, such as swimming, windsurfing, canoeing, hydrocycling and paddle-boarding. Farther south, between the Liwu and Sanzhan river mouths, some areas will welcome motorized equipment like water scooters and banana boats. Would-be divers can head to Four-Eight Highland at Qixingtan.

Wang Teng-i, Hualien Ocean Recreation Dev. Assoc.
As operators of leisure facilities in the water, of course we very positively thank the county government for permitting these things, especially the diving at Qixingtan.

Lee Chien-tung, Water scooter rider
This policy is great, but I hope everyone who goes out to sea will learn more about how the ocean works and about currents. The more you know about the sea, the safer you are.

Hualien's leisure industry is delighted with the development and hope it will give an extra boost to the area this summer. Meanwhile the government and the public alike will do their part to keep the fun and games safe.


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