Military relic, concert hall: a tour of Kinmen’s Zhaishan Tunnel

Zhaishan Tunnel, located in Kinmen, was used to conceal military vessels during the Chinese Civil War. It was completed in 1966, and featured a 357-meter waterway and soldier's barracks. Today it's been repurposed as a tourist attraction, as well as a concert hall in the fall.

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Stephany Yang, Formosa News reporter
We are currently at the Zhaishan Tunnel. It can accommodate 42 vessels. During the Chinese Civil War, it was used to protect ships from bombing raids. Now it is open for tours and music festivals.

The Zhaishan Tunnel features a waterway that’s 357 meters in length and 8 meters in width. It was used to hide naval vessels and protect ships from bombing raids during the Chinese Civil War.

We are from Taichung. They’ve never experienced wartime culture, so we brought them to this old warzone in Kinmen to experience it.

I’m afraid mom’s water bottle will fall in. Kinmen has this great place for a nap.

The Zhaishan tunnel was carved out of granite and completed in 1966, to serve as a military supply station. It was abandoned in 1986 due to sediment deposition. In 1997, the Kinmen National Park transformed the tunnel into a national heritage park and opened it for tourists in 1998. A 3D painting was put up on the wall to depict what the tunnel was like back in the day.

 Tour guide
They've painted this picture, which is a scene of small boats transporting materials in the early days. The road has now been elevated and railings have been added for safety. There are more than 60 steps on the stairs. How were supplies transported? People would carry bags of rice on their shoulders. These days the tunnel is used for sightseeing. Back in the day, it was used to transport materials. When the tunnel was dug, the stones were reused to make a bunker and a road.

Zhaishan Tunnel has outstanding acoustics, and it play host to music concerts every autumn. Outside the tunnel, there are anti-aircraft weapon systems and landing crafts. Visitors can book a tour to witness the remnants of Taiwan's military history.


揭開戰地的神秘面紗 金門翟山坑道

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