Premier Su Tseng-hang gets Taiwan’s first COVID-19 vaccine

Taiwan has rolled out its AstraZeneca COVID vaccines, starting with Premier Su Tseng-chang. The head of the Executive Yuan said he felt great after getting a shot in his left arm. Cherng Wen-jin, the superintendent of Linkou's Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, was also among those vaccinated on Monday. He said that handwashing and face masks are still important after vaccination, as it will take time for antibodies to develop. 

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The first AZ vaccine administered in Taiwan went to Premier Su Monday morning. At 7:40 a.m. he and the health minister headed to National Taiwan University Hospital for their shots.

Su Tseng-chang, Premier
I just got mine on my left arm. I don’t feel any pain in the injection area, and I don’t feel any soreness in my body. I rested there for 30 minutes and I feel great.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s first medical worker to receive the vaccine was Shuang Ho Hospital Superintendent Wu Mai-szu.

Wu Mai-szu, Shuang Ho Hospital
We’ve been getting vaccines all our lives. The world changes and new diseases emerge. So this is nothing special. We’ll encounter many incidents like this in the future, so this is something we should all do.

Medical worker
I work in emergency medicine, so I am front-line staff. The thing I fear the most is not getting sick myself, but spreading the disease in the community, infecting my family or other people in society. Even if you’re careful and you put on masks and other protective gear, there is still some risk of infection.

The superintendent of Linkou’s Chang Gung Memorial Hospital says that even after vaccination, people should still follow disease prevention protocols.

Cherng Wen-jin, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou
It takes some time for antibodies to develop. And even after they appear, you still have to consider the current atmosphere. I think it’s still necessary to wear a mask and wash your hands when you’re out and about.

Kaohsiung has received 8,000 vaccine doses to be administrated by five hospitals. E-Da Hospital says it will stagger vaccination for its staff.

Lin Jiun-nong, E-Da Hospital deputy superintendent
In case there are side effects, we can reduce the risk to our staff by giving everyone some time before moving on to the next group of people. We’re planning to leave a week of time until vaccinating the second group of workers.

Over in Taichung, six hospitals have received vaccines. As ordered by the central government, the first batch will go to front-line medical workers, who will be followed by the mayor and other government officials.


AZ疫苗正式開打! 接種後防疫措施仍不能少



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