Pineapple bento boxes come to the railways as golden fruit fever rages on

Pineapple fever has spread to the railways. The restaurant at Qidu Station in Keelung has developed a special pineapple bento box for train passengers. After a one-month trial, the pineapple bento passed the test. They’re now on sale up and down the country.

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A pork shoulder bento box is a railway staple. But with fruit?... These boxes have sweet and sour fried pineapple sauce on top, and they’re selling like hot cakes.

Weeks ago, Taiwan Railways Administration released pineapple bento at three stations, in a gesture of support for Taiwanese farming. Now they’re available at Taipei Main Station and Taichung as well. These bentos use up 270 kilograms of pineapple a month.

Chueh Ming-hung, Qidu Station management: This bento box was made to support Taiwan’s pineapple. The Qidu Station restaurant developed this special bento. Right now we use 9 kilograms of pineapple a day.

Taiwan railways isn’t the only one with new bentos in town. The MRT is offering a new “Fresh on the Metro” brand available at Taipei Main Station. Its eight flavors are all the rage, although you have to book your box in advance. On Day 1, over 50 boxes were pre-ordered.

Taiwan’s farmers need all the support they can get, but with so many bentos on offer just at Taipei Main Station, we’re spoiled for choice.

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