The Asia Rainbow Ride is an annual charity cycling event in Taiwan that raises money for LGBT services. The three-day ride will kick off this year on Oct. 21, to mark Taiwan’s Pride Month. FTV reporter Stephany Yang spoke to the organizers to find out more.

Bikers cycle through Taiwan’s north coast, admiring the beautiful scenery. The Asia Rainbow Ride will kick off once more on Oct. 21.

Olivia Wu
Head of operations
It’s a three-day two-night charity bike ride that supports the LGBTQIA services in Asia. Our beneficiaries include the Taiwan Aids Foundation, Taiwan Equality Campaign and also the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline. There are different policies and so many NGOs doing a great job, just making sure that this movement is integrating into society. I think at this stage, since Taiwan passed same-sex marriage, for now, it’s more about the community integrating into society as a whole.

In March 2020, Lisa Dazols, the co-founder of the Asia Rainbow Ride, participated in a week-long bike ride around Taiwan known as the Tour of Taiwan. After the ride, she was inspired to start a charity bike ride in Taiwan.

Lisa Dazols
The ride is modeled after a ride in California from San Francisco to L.A. Knowing that Taiwan is a beacon of hope in terms of LGBT rights in the community, and also the best place for cycling in Asia, we thought it was the best place for our charity bike ride to support our community.

Throughout the trip, cyclists will bike a total of 229 kilometers. Bikers will take off from Taipei, stop at Yilan and Fulong, then cycle back to Taipei. The trip is a three-day, two-night cycling event with activities such as a film screening and yoga session.

Lisa Dazols
Every year we get better. This year we have an increased number of companies participating. We have a film screening one night, we have a yoga session on the beach the second night, we have a drag show the last night. It’s a fun time for not only LGBT people but allies to come together and cycle for love.

Organizers hope to provide a platform for people exchange ideas, challenge themselves and raise awareness and money for LGBT services in Asia.